Investment Approach

Our aim is to grow shareholder capital, deliver regular and reliable dividends and consistently outperform the ASX200 Accumulation Index.

We are not constrained in our investment mandate and can explore all opportunities, acting on those that will deliver significant value to our shareholders regardless of the time horizon.

We judge our performance against three key objectives:

  1. Increase the Net Asset Value of our collective portfolio of investments;

  2. Increase cash generation to pay dividends; and

  3. Manage investment risk to protect shareholder capital.

Soul Patts has an excellent track record of delivering total shareholder returns (capital growth plus dividends) higher than market while at the same time reducing the risk of loss in periods of volatility.

Our Investment Philosophy

Long-term Commitment

We back businesses to grow value over the long term. We invest in businesses that can be enduringly successful and we believe in the power of compounding returns.

Strength of Conviction

We are a values-led business that believes in common sense, doing what is right, and backing our people. Our investment outperformance is achieved by seeking hidden value and having the courage to pursue it.

Unconstrained Opportunity

We don’t have constraints on investment opportunities, or the growth of our business, or the potential of our people. Our flexibility is a key competitive advantage.

Our Portfolio

We believe that over the long-term the portfolio is resilient and well positioned for growth. The total Net Asset Value was $11.5 billion as at 31 January 2024.

Net Asset Value
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